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These stories are not being worked on for various reasons. Sorry.

Married, Too

This is the origional story of Miko, which is now being continued in "Miko". This story also had Ranma and Akane getting married in a double cerimony with Soun and Miko. It's a good story, but too complicated for me to handle in a single story line. Three chapters were complete in script format: One, Two, and Three.

Ranma's Sister

A strange older woman comes to get Akane out of school. She is Mrs. Saotome's neighbor, and is taking Akane to see her maybe-someday- mother-in-law (This is set before Nodoka shows up in the Magna). The woman says Nodoka is in the hospital and wants to see her. Since Ranma and Genma are on a training trip, she decides she has to go see Ranma's mother. Once there Ranma's mother, who is very weak, asks her to do a favor. The favor is to take care of her infant daughter while she's in the hospital. Just one chapter. I think it's got some good comedy potential, but I was planning it as a rather sad story. Maybe that's why I could never finish it. The chapter is here.


Ranma has decided to leave the dojo, for reasons too painful to think about. He has set up camp in a lonely woods. Of course Ryoga finds him eventually...

Oddly, this tiny bit of a story is my number 3 generator of mail. (First is 'Countdown' and second is 'Ranma Gets Tough'). Unfortunatly I don't know where to go with it. Here's what little I did write.