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I have lots of ideas, too many in fact. I've tried to turn many of them into stories, and it's just led to me spending too much time trying to develop new ideas and not enough time trying to actually write. Thus this page is my outlet for those ideas I think are good, but that I don't want to spend time on.

If you see anything you like, please take it. You don't have to give me credit, though I wouldn't mind if you did. What I would like is for you to tell me if you develop a story using one (or more) of these ideas.

 - TeW
 Aug 14, 2001

Akane Playing Games

What if Akane thought that she and Ranma were playing a game? Several games, in fact. One game is 'walk into fiancee in the bathroom'. Over time she's decided that when she leaves her slippers at the door (the normal way of showing a bath is in use I believe), then Ranma shouldn't walk in on her and she clobbers him if he does.. If she doesn't leave her slippers out then she doesn't mind him looking and just chases him around to make their fathers think she's angry.

There are other games, too. Like 'who gets to clobber Kuno' and the 'cooking game'. She thinks that Ranma has figured out these games too, and is playing along most of the time. She gets upset when he breaks the rules.

One way to handle this story would be to introduce Akane getting upset because Ranma knocked on the door to the bath, even when she hadn't left her slippers out. She wonders if maybe he's getting tired of looking at her already. Then Akane either figures out that the game isn't real and she'd better clue Ranma in or...

An even more fun way to handle it would be if Akane says something that *does* clue Ranma in. He doesn't want to ask her about it and look dumb, so now he has to figure out just what kinds of games Akane things they're playing together. Of course, he's going to make some mistakes.

Tofu Returns

There are a lot of ways to handle this one. A particular favorite of mine is that Tofu left Nermia when he was given a chance to work with a sect of priests who knew some very advanced healing techniques. They insisted he leave without telling anyone, and he decided to go along with it.

Unfortunately, the monks are setting him up. They're healing powers come from an ancient tree. One that, unbeknownst to Tofu, holds a demon. The monks have made a deal with the demon. If he says in the tree and gives it the power they use to heal, then once every ten years they will sacrifice one of their own monks to the demon. The next ten year mark is fast approaching, and they decided to make Tofu an 'honorary monk' and send him to 'watch over' the tree.

However, Tofu is tough and skilled. He escapes the demon and runs away. The demon chases him. Not knowing where else to go he heads to Nermia to try to get help from Ranma and company. He thinks that with Ranma's help he can defeat the demon.

And this is where the story can take several turns. One is that Tofu gets to the house, gets Ranma to help, they kill the demon, and Tofu and Kasumi get together. Very waffy.

However, I like this as a lead in to the next story idea, which even I don't think I could make very WAFFy.


(See the previous idea for the proper lead in to this. I'm going to present this as the beginning scenes rather than just explaining the idea right away).

Tofu returns to Nermia, but just barely gets into the city when the demon catches up to him. He stands and fights, knowing he can't beat it alone, but unable to do anything else.

Ranma and Kasumi, out shopping, hear the fight and go to check it out. Ranma takes out the demon (this is the post volume-38 Ranma, he should be able to handle it). Kasumi runs to the crumpled figure and is surprised and shocked to find out it's Tofu.

Tofu comes to in a dark and dusty space, with Kasumi tending him and not letting him speak. He hears voices below him, one of which he recognizes as Kuno. He figures out that he's in a space above a garage before he passes out again.

Next scene Kasumi is listening intently as she hears movements below. It is Ranma and Nabiki in dark cloths and carrying a stretcher. They have waited until dark to move Tofu to the dojo. As they leave they thank someone (Hiroshi? Sayuri? one of Ranma or Akane's friends) for providing a 'safe house'.

When the doctor wakes up again, this time at the Dojo, he finds some important changes in Nermia. Basically, there is a feud between the Amazons and the Tendo's. The Amazons have an uneasy alliance with the Kunos and, of course, the Saotome's are on the Tendo's side.

Some of the changes at the dojo: A watch kept at all times. EVERYONE is in training, including Kasumi, Nabiki, and Nodoka. No one leaves the dojo alone, and there must be a master-level fighter with each group, and also one always remaining at the dojo. Since the only real master-level fighters are Ranma and Genma, that's a bit of a problem. Maybe Soun & Akane together count.

The situation can be explored though Tofu's eyes as he decides if he will join the Tendos or try to stay neutral.

I think Ukyou would be undecided in this whole mess. It might be interesting to see her wavering between the two sides. On one hand the Tendo's include Akane, who is taking her Ranchan away from her. On the other hand, she's never really liked Shampoo or the Kunos.

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